Feeling the rebellious spirit

Brand identity
refizz identifies people as unique individuals but not copies. The burst of enthusiasm is followed by pleasant fragrance and distinctive packaging.

We helped refizz team embed the new attitude for the brand positioning, working to identify points for visual differentiation to enter the market.
Refizz is a new, gender-neutral and breaking-rule brand in the body wash industry for young people. It's full of energy, independence, self-sufficiency and even bold enough to throw down the gauntlet to the large corporative brands.

It neglects the established market rules and unites individuals who are ready to do the same. The brand cares for really important things, for the beauty of the world so created products that have less CO2 impact.

Changing the behavior in daily routine
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The challenge
Our key task was to find the right branding solution to create a sense of rebellion and eco game-changer.

On the one hand, there was a task to create an identity for a new and little-known product for the Belgian market. On the other hand, it was extremely important to make the product as simple as possible in usage.
In the design of the logo and other identity elements, we have conveyed the minimalist, premium character of the brand. We created an image of a confident brand with a feeling of independence. The letters were inspired by the glide on the crest of the wave that reminds about a rebellious and independent spirit. Therefore, we decided to execute it in wavy form with serifs.
Refillable approach and recyclable packaging
In order to address the ecological impact and be closer to the target audience, it was crucial to create a sustainable solution that is easy to use.

We hope that the proposed solution might substantially decrease plastic waste. Thanks to the refillable approach, we believe that the number of CO2 emissions will plummet since there is no need for systematic product delivery.
Brand identity and packaging
Minimalistic refillable bottle
Flexible logo placement reminds about rebellious spirit
Cardboard was selected as a material for delivery box
"Vytvir always works in a structured way so you know exactly what you are getting. They had a way of communication that showed vast expertise in their field with high regard for the feedback"
Lewis Hernaut, Founder of refizz
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