Smart and hassle-free interview analysis

Mobile app
UX/UI design
Berlin-based start-up offers smart and hassle-free interview analysis, enabling users to get an interview script from an audio file in a couple of minutes.

One step forward in interview analysis
Special functions enable to add tags, add comments or simply change participants. Useful features, cutting-edge transcription technology, 80 widely used languages and an easy-to-navigate interface make it a perfect choice to save much time.
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The challenge
The task was to review an existing user experience and create a new website with a web application. We have offered a suitable solution that significantly improves usability and simplifies the interaction. Due to a large amount of data, it was crucial to create an interface that is both understandable and not annoying even after hours of meticulous work.
To create a delightful user experience, we took into account even the tiniest detail. Each section is well-thought-out and designed with appropriate forms, states and pages. The design ensures a smooth transition between various devices and sizes. The selected approach improves user involvement and interaction with the interface. At the same time, it significantly increases the conversion rate and enables to work with a platform at any time, at any place.
Mobile app design with detailed outlook
Multiple statuses for recordings
This screen is intended for working with the transcript
User-friendly interface for easy navigation
Web application with useful functions
Time-saving application for everybody
The platform enables to work with processed transcripts either in web application or mobile. Users are able to manipulate texts, add notes, change participants or tags.
"This team is highly competent that has a huge marketing and consumer behavior expertise. They came up with very sharp ideas that helped to enhance our product"
Founder, Quewoo start-up
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